Tuesday, 22 October 2013

This week I would like to share with you this this interesting info graphic that was put together by The Watch Gallery who are based right here in the UK.
I am a big fan of luxury watches but, admittedly, I did not know how old some of the luxury watch brands on the market were until now. It goes without saying that most men & women would love to have a Rolex watch on their wrist but how much do they really know about the history of the different luxury watch brands that we all adore so much?
Today’s watches symbolize our evolution in art, fashion and technology. They have contributed to the accomplishment of our greatest achievements in history. Omega watches landed on the moon. Breitling watches navigated the greatest depths of the sea and highest altitudes of our atmosphere. Rolex watches summited the world’s tallest mountain peaks and aided scientists in their planetary explorations.
Below is an interesting read of the luxury watches evolution in time.



Evolution of the Luxury Watch

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