Sunday, 21 August 2011

EYELINER HOW TO - 'The flick'

Makeup has been a love of mine for many many years, my interest also grew when I was thrown in to the wonderful world of glamour modelling. So, seen as I always like to strive to be the best, and love to try new things, I enrolled myself in a 3 day intensive makeup course. So I am now fully qualified in makeup! The course really interesting & now not only can I be a model, but I can double up as a makeup artist at shoots too! We like to kill two birds with one stone!

One thing i've seen a LOT lately and love to sport it myself is 'The Flick' We've seen it on Fearne, Jamella Jamil & many more celebs, yes, eyeliner has most definitely made its comeback.

Not only is it fashionable, but it is a fantastic way to dramatise and accentuate your eyes!

Its quite hard to master the perfect 'flick' for those of you who have tried, it just really takes practice and an investment in a good liquid or gel eyeliner.

My fave is the Gel 24 hour maybellene eyeliner, the brush it comes with is fab! I have an array of my own professional makeup brushes but always go back to using the one it comes with.

Step 1:The key is having a powder base on your eye so that its even and that the eyeliner does not smudge on to the crease on your eye. I particularly LOVE the sheer cover mineral foundation as a base.

step2: start in the middle, work your way to the outer edge of your eye, then in towards the inside of your eye, this way it is easier to balance the line out (always make it slightly thicker to the outside of your eye)

step 3: outline the shape of your flick, its easily rubbed out if you make a mistake!

step 4: colour in your outline and retouch the rest of your line.

and there we have it! beautiful lined eyes in a matter of a few seconds!

( I do have step by step pics of me applying it, however my computer wont let me upload them right now so check back for further pics!)


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