Saturday, 16 July 2011


'an unverified account or explanation of events circulating from person to person and pertaining to an object, event, or issue in public concern"

Now I know this might be a LONGGG time ago but seen as my side of events was never mentioned in the magazines that published these pics, I just want to make something clear...

Kris & I did NOT get together when I got out the house. This picture was taken as we were leaving a JLS event at Movida nightclub in London. Its not a big deal, Hes my mate, I had sky scraper heels on and grabbed Kris's hand as we were trying to force our way through the paps to the car! ( Bet he was totally LOVING it though... hahah just joking!)

I've heard ALL sorts of stories, from the maid walking in, to the production crew hearing noises from my room the list goes on... It DIDN'T happen, please don't give me the BOKE, I don't see Kris like that at all!

I totally adore Kris, he's a great guy & the only one I really kept in touch with after the show! We get on really well. Not much else to tell, Although the little shit hasn't messaged me in a while ( I say this whilst writing him an abusive text haha) He will be sorry...... lol x


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