Friday, 15 July 2011


I suppose I should really start my blog where I last finished and that would have been just after my Big brother experience.

I still to this day get asked ' what was it like in Big brother' My reply; ' it was the best time of my life' and in all honesty, it was. I learned, grew, and saw so much within such a short space of time that anything I am faced with now I can deal with and appreciate how lucky I am now to have the things and people in my life that I do now.

When I got the call for Big Brother ( after MONTHS of random auditions over the country and hadnt heard anything for months) I had packed up my whole life and moved out to Australia. I remember the call ' Hey Karly its BEEP from Big brother here, we would LOVE you to be a housemate!!' I could only reply 'erm, once small problem, I've moved to OZ!' They didn't care, I was on the next flight home before I could even BLINK!! Obviously a few tangled things within my love life happened at this point which I don't want to go into however I was flown to London, Bags checked, Phoned confiscated and off I went in a blacked out car to the middle of no where in France with two chaperones. No TV, no radio, No phone, Just us in this beautiful little cottage for the next two weeks. I never slept a wink. I had so much on my mind. When I worried I would say to myself 'FUCK IT!' hahah. I had the best time with my amazing new friends, and if they ever read this PLEASE tweet me cause I miss you both so much (Emily & gwendeline!) 2 weeks past and a whirlwind later i was in a sleek black mercedes with a blind fold on and some earphones waiting to get out that car and face my future of what was never to be the same again.

I cant explain the feeling, The amount of adreneline that was going through my body, My heart was about to explode. I saw my name in lights, Davina in front of me, People shouting my name. Its so surreal, but the best moment I have ever experienced.

My time in the house is too long to write ( I will do another post later) But I just want to make it clear that I am so grateful to have had that opportunity. Not because it made me famous for 5 minutes, or that I was in newspapers or magazines but becauase it filtered out who was really important to me in my life, who mattered, who didn't, how to treat people, How to respect myself enough to be treated the same way in return.

I thank Big Brother for giving me the chance to live the dream, be who I wanted to be, and most importantly appreciate the love in life now.

Big loves and Kisses.

Karly x


  1. Great blog Karly! I'm so glad you got chance to live this experience, you certainly brightened up that house!xx


  3. Very nice blog. You were one of my favourites in the House and It’s nice to read that you have an excellent time their.