Monday, 7 September 2015


According to recent study, it has been revealed that mobile users can't leave their phone alone for more than 6 minutes and check it up to 150 times per day! It also found that looking at their phone is the first thing many people do each day – as they use its alarm function – and is also the last. In between, phones are used to check the Internet and read emails, as well as to make calls and send texts. I have compiled a list of apps I currently use to optimise time spent on my phone. 


Moves is an activity diary for your life. Whether you want to track how many stairs you climb in the office, how long your commute takes or track that 5K run after work, clue does it all. Breaking each day down into steps, KM and calories burnt, this clever little app keeps you on track and even records your weekly record of distance covered! Fabulous for fitness fanatics! 


This app means that you’ll never be late again. I find this extremely useful when i am in meetings around London however always thought this app would be every models DREAM. It allows you to calculate the most efficient route, or the most cost-effective, or a rain-proof journey. ( clever) Available for: London, Paris, Berlin, Madrid, Barcelona, Milan, Rome. New York City, San Francisco, Chicago, Washington DC and Boston with other new cities updated regularly. 


Enter the details of your meetings and their locations and the app will remind you what you need to prepare and when it`s time to leave. This app is perfect if you’re the person who is juggling so many things you feel like you’re always trying to catch up. 


This app is great for keeping track on things you need to get done throughout the day, it allows you to divide said tasks into sections ( work, health, home etc) and tick them off as you go. If you need to shuffle things about, not to worry, just 'move' the task to the next day. Positive gentle notifications and reminders make this a handy app to have in your pocket.


This is my most used app during any down time, whether it be to search recipes for dinner, plan work or weekend outfits or research diet plans, Pinterest has it all at the touch of a button! I love to visualise and set goals and this is ideal for doing just that. Follow my Pinterest HERE for working women inspiration! 

Are they any Apps that you can't live without? comment below and let me know! 


                    BEAT THE MONDAY BLUES IN 10 EASY STEPS

We can all relate to the 'Sunday night fear'  - the overwhelming heaviness of thinking about the working week ahead. Over thinking pollutes the mind and often sets us up for a week of 'chasing our tail' instead of chasing our goals! Through time I've found that decluttering your mind, thinking positively and doing things one step at a time is FAR more productive than wasting time worrying about things you need to do! Below are 10 easy steps to working towards a more productive Monday! 

  • Wake up early
  • Exercise
  • Arrive early
  • Greet your team and boss with a smile!
  • update your 'to do' list and goals
  • clear your desk of any past weeks work 
  • Tackle tough challenges first
  • Visualise the week aheads success
  • Stay focused!
What is also important to note on a Monday is that if all else fails there is always Tuesday. And remember to drink LOTS of  coffee!

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

This week I would like to share with you this this interesting info graphic that was put together by The Watch Gallery who are based right here in the UK.
I am a big fan of luxury watches but, admittedly, I did not know how old some of the luxury watch brands on the market were until now. It goes without saying that most men & women would love to have a Rolex watch on their wrist but how much do they really know about the history of the different luxury watch brands that we all adore so much?
Today’s watches symbolize our evolution in art, fashion and technology. They have contributed to the accomplishment of our greatest achievements in history. Omega watches landed on the moon. Breitling watches navigated the greatest depths of the sea and highest altitudes of our atmosphere. Rolex watches summited the world’s tallest mountain peaks and aided scientists in their planetary explorations.
Below is an interesting read of the luxury watches evolution in time.



Evolution of the Luxury Watch

Monday, 2 July 2012

EPIC 2012 Charity Dinner

                  This weekend I attended the Charity Dinner at the Glasgow Hilton for Epic2012.

First of all let me fill you in on what Epic 2012 is. Epic 2012 is a completely unique event, designed to test the stamina, willpower and sheer determination of the three involved and push them to their limits. Greg McEwan, Garry Mackay and Lee Peyton covered the length of Scotland using three different Olympic disciplines in only 6 days. The brave thee covered a journey from Gallie Craig, in the Borders, to John O'Groats in order to raise funds for Yorkhill Children's Foundation. They set off on the 427 mile trip on the 17th June starting with a 140 mile cycle to Milngavie. The rest of the journey  included running the West Highland Way, climbing Ben Nevis and paddling the Great Glen before jumping back on their bikes to cycle the last leg to John O'Groats.

The beneficiary of this EPIC challenge was the orthopaedic surgery service at Yorkhill Hospital. It deals with a huge variety of cases: from limb lengthening and straightening, reconstructive surgery for congenital disabilities, trauma and cerebral palsy related conditions. The department would like to purchase two sets of Jet-X Fixators which will be used to treat around 10 trauma cases every year. The Jet-X fixator system pins broken bones in place following a trauma such as a bad fall or a road traffic accident, and allows them to knit together and heal. It can be used on any limb but also on the pelvis. Trauma to the pelvis can often be potentially life-threatening due to the huge numbers of blood vessels involved and the Jet-X Fixator system can hold a shattered pelvis in place and protect these vital blood supplies. Greg, Garry and Lee would love to help them out with the hefty price tag of £60,000.

After there amazing effort on completing the 427 mile trip, a celebratory charity dinner was held in the Glasgow Hilton not only to celebrate but to continue raising funds for this amazing cause. After a charity raffle and auction of prizes, throughout the night a MASSIVE £13,000 for Yorkhill. I am happy to have contributed towards this, and a great night was had by all.

If you would like to donate to the cause please visit or if you would like to support the guys by contributing equipment they may need or sponsoring the challenge please contact Natalie Ward on or call 0141 204 7970. Your help would be greatly appreciated by Greg, Garry and Lee and of course, ultimately, Yorkhill Hospital and its patients.

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

The Next Jum Angel

Last Friday I was so excited to be part of my friend Julias 'JUM Charity Day' at bar 29 Glasgow.

Julia has been desperate to raise funds and awareness for The Ardgowan Hospice based in Greenock, Inverclyde, It was established  to enhance the lives of local people affected by cancer and other serious life limiting illnesses The gorgeous Megan McLaughlin kick started this wonderful event after contacting Julia on facebook. Julia is looking for her next 'JUM Angel' to join in on the next photoshoot! The winner will also recieve JUM hair extensions and lots more goodies. Most importantly though, all funds raised are going to The Ardgowan hospice.

All 7 finalists met on Friday for the first time and the day was filled with girlie treats! A blink and go lash bar was set up so all girls could get their eyelashes done,Makeup tutorial was done by the amazingly talented Cathrine & Kelly from Kaycee MUA's.

The GORGEOUS Amy Newlands showed the girls how to strutt their stuff on the catwalk....

And ofcourse we had a cupcake break...

Between now and the final in August, all finalists have to start their own campaign to raise funds for the hospice. It was great meeting the girls and I believe all of them had great JUM qualities. Natural, confident & DOWN.TO.EARTH. I think what Julia is doing is absolutely amazing and I am so happy to be a part of it. Keep up the FABBBULOUS work Jules. Your 1 in a million!

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Jason Stathams Birthday Party - Planet Hollywood London

Its not everyday you get an invite to Jason Stathams Bday Party!! It was held in Planet Hollywood in London. We arrived to a sea of papparazzi and press. Whilst I was there I was asked to do a few Interviews and pose for a few pictures. Needless to say I my attention was elsewhere looking for Mr Jason Statham!! He arrived FASHIONABLY late and ofcourse in style in his own white Audi R8. ( Too cool for a taxi drop off) Mr Statham asked to buy me a drink, we chatted for a while about our recent projects and enjoyed the rest of the night. Great time had by all. Happy Birthday Mr Statham.

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Nokia Skate Almighty launch

A skate rink, booze, celebs and music all rolled into one event.... FUN right?! Even although i was TERRIBLE at skating, My night definitely got better when I met Kelly Osbourne herself! And Kimberley Stewart. A good night had by all!